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Social Justice Acrostic Poems

Students work as a class to generate social justice words to write an acrostic poem with a classmate. This activity encourages students to explore issues that they care about with their peers to form connections with each other. [3 - 5] (Starts at 20:08 in the webinar)

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The Great Big Book of Families: Discussion Guide

The Great Big Book of Families by Mary Hoffman showcases diverse families and their lives together. This book is a great resource for reflecting the diversity of your students' families and highlighting many family structures for all students. LGBTQ-inclusive, multi-racial families, economic diversity. [K – 2] (Starts at 30:02 in the webinar) The Great Big Book of Families read aloud.

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What Is A Family?

This introductory lesson uses children’s own experiences and questions about families. This lesson can be used with any number of books featuring diverse families. [K – 2] (Starts at 24:48 in the webinar)

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