Lesson Plans To Prevent Bias-Based Bullying in School

With these easy to use lesson plans help your students discuss the kinds of bullying that they really see and hear at school. Help prevent bullying and welcome all students.

All HRC Welcoming Schools lessons are aligned with the Common Core Standards.

Welcoming Hands

Students work together to create a visual representation of their community with artistic hands that represent them individually and collectively. Students also learn about human skin color variation by looking at the Humanae project by artist Angélica Dass. [K - 5]


The Name Jar: The Names We Want to be Called

This lesson offers an opportunity to build a classroom community. Students will read and discuss the book The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi. Then, students will have a chance to share and learn about their names by creating a name art project. [K - 3]


We Are All Human Beings

The book Whoever You Are by Mem Fox urges us to accept our differences, recognize our similarities, and most importantly, rejoice in both.  This lesson encourages students to think about needs and feelings that are common for all human beings. [K - 2]


My Many Identities

Students engage in activities that help them understand the complexity of identity and name aspects of identity that are important to them and then  discuss ways to create a classroom where everyone can share their whole selves without fear of bullying or harassment. [4 - 8]


Ally Reading Buddies

After reading a book showing ally behavior, with a classroom partner or a reading buddy from an upper grade, students will discuss what they can do to support and encourage each other. [K – 1 plus 3 – 5]


Do You See Yourself in Books?

After an inspiring video about Marley Dias the #1000BlackGirlBooks project, students will look at characters in a selection of classroom books. They will look to see if characters represent their identities or not and reflecting on how that might make them feel. [3 - 5]


A Welcoming Classroom

What makes you feel welcome or unwelcome? With the book The New Girl… And Me, discuss what your class can do to help others feel welcome. [K - 2]


Social Justice Acrostic Poems

Students work as a class to generate  social justice words and then with a classmate, they will write an acrostic poem. This activity encourages students to explore issues that they care about with their peers and to form connections with each other. [3 - 5]