Film: What Do You Know? Six to Twelve Year-olds Talk about Gays and Lesbians


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“You cannot watch the film ‘What Do You Know?’ without being impressed with, and sometimes surprised by, the knowledge and wisdom of the students featured in the film.”
—  Bill Kowba, Superintendent, San Diego Unified School District

What Do You Know? Six to Twelve Year-olds Talk about Gays and Lesbians is an award-winning professional development film produced by Welcoming Schools for elementary school staff and parents.

The film features students from Massachusetts and Alabama discussing what they know about gay men and lesbians, what they hear at school, and what they'd like teachers to do.

Check out ways you can use What Do You Know? with different audiences.

Download the Facilitation Guide for What Do You Know? including a brief introduction to the film, a quick look at who the children are in the film, tips for a screening, and how different audiences might benefit from the film.

For help with planning a screening, developing a Welcoming Schools approach and trainings, contact a Welcoming Schools expert in your area.

The DVD includes the 13-minute film, a 2-minute trailer, a 4-minute special feature Teachers Respond and a Facilitation Guide. The DVD has closed captioning and includes Spanish subtitles.


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