Gender-Inclusive Schools and Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Students

Gender enters the classroom constantly when...

A teacher asks boys and girls to line up separately to go to recess.

A principal hands out pink pencils to girls while boys receive blue. Will a girl that likes blue be afraid to ask for a different color?

A teacher asks for “a strong boy” to help to lift a box reinforcing the idea that only boys can be strong.

Transgender and non-binary youth are a vulnerable population.

3 out of 4 transgender youth do not feel safe at school with two-thirds saying they have been verbally harased and over 10% saying they were physically assaulted at school.

Teachers and school staff members are protective agents for students.

As school communities work toward creating environments that embrace and welcome transgender and non-binary students, all students benefit as educators encourage youth to be themselves without limitations based upon gender or their gender expression.