Resources for an LGBTQ Inclusive School

LGBTQ-inclusive schools create safe and welcoming learning spaces for all students. It’s simple: students who don’t feel safe can’t focus on learning. Once students feel like they belong, they thrive academically and socially.

LGBTQ-inclusive schools welcome all children and their families.

It is important for students to see their families reflected at school and to know that their families matter. Students perform better academically and socially when there is a positive relationship between families and schools.

LGBTQ-inclusive schools promote gender equity, reject rigid gender stereotypes and support transgender and non-binary students.

When children are allowed to express themselves without censoring their interests based upon gender stereotypes, they can develop their strengths and succeed academically, athletically, artistically and socially.

LGBTQ-inclusive schools proactively work to prevent and address bias-based bullying.  

It is critical that students can go to school without fear of harassment. Biased bullying based on race, religion, gender expression or identity, ability, or LGBTQ identity is the most common type of bullying in schools. Educators are prepared to proactively educate their students to prevent bias-based bullying and prepared  to address it when they see it happen.

LGBTQ-inclusive schools promote understanding and respect for all people.

Throughout their lives, students will encounter LGBTQ people — at school or work,  in their family — or they may be LGBTQ themselves. Without background knowledge beyond myths and stereotypes, students are not adequately prepared to understand and respect LGBTQ people.