Meet Jazz and Friends!

For the past three years, HRC Foundation's Welcoming Schools has been delighted to showcase the story of transgender trailblazer and former HRC Youth Ambassador Jazz Jennings. This year, hosts can choose between three books to best fit their community. Welcoming Schools will send lesson plans after registration. Meet Jazz & Friends!

I Am Jazz. Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings. (K – 5) From the time she was two years old, Jazz knew that she was a girl even though others saw her as a boy. She loved pink and dressing up as a mermaid and didn't feel like herself in boys' clothing. Based on the experiences of Jazz Jennings.



Julián Is a Mermaid. Jessica Love. (Pre-K – 2) While in the subway with his abuela, Julián sees three women spectacularly dressed up and wants to dress up just like them. But what will his abuela think? A story about the power of being seen and affirmed.



They She He Me: Free to Be! Maya and Matthew Smith-Gonzalez. (Pre-K – 3) Looks at pronouns and gender fluidity by featuring many smiling people with different skin colors and unique styles. Minimal text with the pictures. Includes a guide for adults for discussing with children.





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