Laws and Policies

Laws and Policies

Did you know that…

  • Federally funded schools are legally obligated to allow students to create Gay-Straight Alliances without creating additional barriers under the Equal Access Act?
  • Schools cannot legally prevent students from discussing same-sex families?
  • Some states have laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity?

It is essential to know supporting laws and policies in your state when advocating for changes to ensure respect for all students and families.

With the facts, administrators and educators can move forward knowing that providing safe, welcoming and respectful schools is their legal responsibility.

This overview includes:

  • Federal Protections
    • Federal laws
    • Constitutional protections
    • Federal agency guidance
    • Relevant federal cases and settlement agreements
  • State Protections
    • State anti-bullying and harassment laws
    • Non-discrimination laws for students and educators
  • School District Protections
    • Anti-bullying policies
    • Non-discrimination policies
    • Model policies for transgender and gender-expansive students
    • Student suicide prevention policies
    • Best practices for discipline
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