Why does HRC Welcoming Schools focus on improving school climate?


Because bullying affects most students.

Most students say that they have been bullied in the past month, but unfortunately, elementary school staff and educators often underestimate the number of students affected by bullying.

Because most bullying is based upon bias and differences.

Most harassed students are targeted because of a personal identity such as race, gender, actual or perceived sexual orientation or religion. In an increasingly diverse world, schools that do not work to end bullying behavior are putting students at physical, emotional and academic risk.

Because the well-being of children depends on it.

Children targeted with anti-LGBTQ putdowns report higher levels of depression and anxiety, and students harassed based upon identities such as religion, gender or actual or perceived sexual orientation abuse drugs and skip school at higher rates and are more likely to attempt suicide.

Because together, we can change this.

The good news is that we can create safer school climates! Students can enjoy school more, can be emotionally and physically safer and can perform better on standardized testing when schools implement inclusive practices.

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