What Can We Do? – Resources

What Can We Do? Users Guide  [PDF]

What Can We Do? Users Guide Plus Lessons and Training Materials  [PDF]


Before Watching What Can We Do? Six Key Points to Keep in Mind

Bias, Bullying and Bystanders – Tips for Elementary School Educators

Books to Engage Elementary Students on Bullying and Diversity

What Do You Say to 'That’s So Gay'?

Ally – Bystander Activity for Educators and Parents/Guardians  [PDF]

Ice Breaker Bullying Reflection  [PDF]

Bullying Facts Read-Arounds  [PDF]

Practicing Responses to Students with Scenarios from What Can We Do?  [PDF]

Some Notes on Language About Bias and Bullying

Lesson Plans Featured in What Can We Do?

Lesson Ally or Bystander  [PDF]

Lesson Name-Calling and Feeling Safe in School  [PDF]

Lesson Words that Hurt, Words that Heal  [PDF]


WCWD Acknowledgements and Film Credits  [PDF]

WCWD Data References  [PDF]


Additional Resources from Welcoming Schools:

Gender Stereotyping and Identity

Embracing Family Diversity

Stopping Bullying and Hurtful Name-calling

Bibliographies: Books to Engage Students