Welcoming Schools Seal of Excellence

WATCH: Teachers, students, administrators and community members came together in May 2014 to honor schools and districts across the country that have gone the extra mile to create safer learning environments. (Click to see the 2014 Honorees.)

What is the Seal of Excellence?

The Seal of Excellence is an honor awarded to schools and districts that have been exemplary in their implementation of Welcoming Schools. The honored schools and districts serve as a model of success for other schools and districts across the nation. In the spring of 2014, 10 schools and 2 school districts received this honor.

How to Apply for the Seal of Excellence?

Schools and districts that have committed to the full implementation professional development model offered by Welcoming Schools are eligible to apply for the Seal of Excellence.

There are five components to the successful implementation of Welcoming Schools – leadership development, professional development, family engagement, classroom strategies, and ongoing evaluation. (Click here for more information on the five components.)

Schools and districts interested in working towards receiving a Seal of Excellence will be required to submit documentation showing the steps they have taken.

Welcoming Schools’ staff will work collaboratively with school and district stake holders to make sure the Seal of Excellence submission process is smooth and stress-free. There is no fee associated with applying for the Seal of Excellence.

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