Parents or Caring Adults

Here are some ideas for what you can do in your school community.

  • Collaboration is key. Talking and working with other people in your school community is a good place to start. Work with the PTO/PTA, administrators, teachers or counselors.
  • Take a look at Keys to Success to help you think about what steps you need to take in your community to develop a more welcoming school.
  • For a set of key materials from Welcoming Schools to help you get started, download the Welcoming Schools Starter Kit. This includes materials for teachers, administrators and parents/guardians.
  • Show the award-winning film, What Do You Know? to begin discussion on how educators and families together can work to stop hurtful teasing and gay putdowns. Use the film to help parents and guardians develop language to talk about LGBT topics with their kids.

Welcoming Schools can help parents/guardians be more connected to their schools and take an active role to make schools welcoming and safe environments for all children and their families.