Pilot & Evaluation Results

Evaluation is a critical component of any educational initiative.

That's why Welcoming Schools was piloted and evaluated in diverse school districts across the U.S. Twelve schools in multiple districts located in Calif., Mass. and Minn. participated in a pilot and mixed-method evaluation. The majority of the participating schools were urban and have student populations that are diverse in terms of race, economics and family structure.

Welcoming Schools Pilot and Evaluation Results [PDF]

Check out the Welcoming Schools Evaluation Toolbox for information on how to evaluate the use of Welcoming Schools at your school/district!

Take a look at a video that looks at strategies you can use for evaluation. Evaluation can be as complex or simple as your resources allow.

Key Significant Outcomes from Pilot Evaluation

Pre- and post-pilot surveys of administrators and educators found:

  • Positive improvement in school diversity climate. Almost 60 percent of the educators indicated that their school‘s climate around diversity was different in May than it was in the prior September
  • Reduction in teachers' concerns regarding their own lack of training or resources from 54 percent to 30 percent
  • Reduction in teachers' fears of parental dissatisfaction from 52 percent to 28 percent
  • Positive difference in believing that children of every age could benefit from discussing gender roles and expression and families with LGBT parents
  • Growth in positive intentions to address topics of diversity including families with LGBT parents and gender roles/expression in their classrooms and schools