Bibliographies – Books to Engage Students

The books in these annotated bibliographies have been chosen to help educators lead discussions on family diversity, gender and bullying with elementary age students.

Books provide mirrors for children to see their lives or families reflected back to them, strengthening their self-esteem and connections. At the same time, books provide a window to the world for children to see the diversity around them and the possibilities ahead.

Selecting and Using Books Effectively

Up-to-Date Recommended Books for Students

Short, Annotated Bibliographies

Gender Identity and Children

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  Embracing Family Diversity

Ending Bullying & Name-Calling

  Looking at Gender – Expanded Annotated Bibliographies

Books that Look at Gender Stereotypes

Books Featuring Gender Expansive Children

Biographies to Help Children Know Their History and Expand Their Dreams  
Lesson Plan and Bibliography

For Adults