What People are Saying about Welcoming Schools

What People are Saying about Welcoming Schools

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"Our District selected the Welcoming Schools Approach as part of a plan to prevent and reduce bullying behavior. Welcoming Schools certainly addresses this need, while also providing broader-based support such as facilitation of high quality professional development to ensure equitable education, promote acceptance of diversity, and lay the groundwork for an increase in cultural competence." 
     –  Dr. Greta Peay, Director of Equity & Diversity Education, Clark County School District, Nevada

"Welcoming Schools is a wonderful approach that fits the values and culture we want to create and nurture in our schools in North Carolina and aligns with our NC Healthful Living Essential Standards. I had the opportunity to participate in a four-day training of facilitators, and the training and Welcoming Schools facilitators were phenomenal! They created an environment that was fun, positive and safe in which to learn and grow." 
     –  Susanne Schmal, MPH, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

"It has been a great pleasure to work with the Welcoming Schools trainers and their curriculum. We have seen a significant decrease in bullying in the school and have created a significantly more welcoming environment for our kids and families. Their trainers are knowledgeable and professional.  The curriculum is kid friendly and age appropriate. The focus on welcoming all families and kids regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, size etc. is a true gift to the K-5 school community."
       Jeremy Furlan, Principal, Rosa Parks Elementary School, Berkeley Unified School District

"Boston Public Schools has started to implement Welcoming Schools training and resources to schools throughout the district. Each of these trainings offers school staff the opportunity to have a space to learn and have conversations about the complex issues that go into ensuring that schools are a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all students. In the schools where we have provided Welcoming Schools training and resources, the training has been consistently rated as one of the best and most effective professional development sessions by staff." 
     –  Steven Chen, Senior Equity Manager, Boston Public Schools