For This Education Professor, Supporting Gender Expansive Students Is More Than Just Academic

By Rohmteen Mokhtari, July 29, 2014

"The reason I talk about my son openly is there is no shame involved,”

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Rush Limbaugh Goes on Rant Accusing Teaching for Change of Racism

By HRC Staff, June 20, 2014

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t seem to understand what racism is.

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Standing Up to Bullying in Puyallup

By Welcoming Schools Staff, June 16, 2014

"We need to change the rules. It should be No Bullying because people get hurt."

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Breaking Down Social and Cultural Barriers… With Tootsie Pops!

By Guest Contributor, June 16, 2014

Pope Elementary is mixing it up at lunch.

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An Educator’s Perspective: Stereotyping, Name-Calling and Gossip on the Playground

By Guest Contributor, June 16, 2014

In an email to colleagues an educator explains her response after hearing that a student was called “a boy and lesbian because she cut her hair really short".

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An Elementary Class Studied 600 LEGO Sets, What They Found Has Gotten LEGO’s Attention

By Rohmteen Mokhtari, June 11, 2014

"I think you should stop assuming that boys like blowing stuff up and girls like pink"

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Ryland’s Story: The Power of Accepting and Loving Transgender Children

By Welcoming Schools Staff, June 01, 2014

Facing social prejudice, discrimination and isolation, transgender children and their parents often encounter difficulties that are unimaginable to others. And then there are families like the Whittingtons

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“Your Sticks and Stones will Never Hurt me, but Your Words hit me at my Core”

By Johanna Eager, Deputy Director of Program Development and Strategic Partnerships, May 29, 2014

This story is for those who have faced any type of discrimination on a daily basis and those who are not aware of how their words can impact and diminish those around them.

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Reflecting on the Life of Maya Angelou: “Courage is the Most Important Virtue”

By Kisha L. Webster, May 28, 2014

Thank you, Dr. Maya Angelou, for helping me to reflect on the work I do and the life I live.

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Twelve Schools and Districts Honored at Welcoming Schools Seal of Excellence Event

By Eric Cameron, May 05, 2014

Teachers, students, administrators and community members came together Friday for a special event honoring schools and districts that have gone the extra mile to create safer learning environments.

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